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The best quality flour in your kitchen…

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All-purpose Flour

Suitable for multiple uses in your kitchen.  Our tip: Try it out and make some béchamel or biscuits.

Baking Flour (W200)

Ideal for sponge cakes and traditional home made white bread.

Strong Flour (W300)

Strong flour for demanding recipes, such as special bread or puff pastry.

Organic Wheat Flour

Organic white flour milled from soft wheat. Perfect for your daily cooking at home!

Whole Wheat Flour

Discover our Whole wheat flour benefits. 

Pizza Flour

Flour type 00 for original Italian pizzas.

Flour for Frying (Durum wheat)

Make delicious and crispy fried fish.

Spelt Organic Flour (stone ground milled)

Ancient cereal grain flour stone ground milled. Discover its high nutrition and unique subtle nutty flavour!