Our Range of French Flours

We offer with a complete range of flours for artisan bakers who can use them to prepare a great variety of original French products.

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Tradition Française Flours

This is a result of a strictly performed selection of wheat. In order to offer absolute support to artisan bakers, these types of quality flour comply with French regulations. We suggest using one of these two types for making a typical Baguette Tradition Française:

  • L’Autentique
  • La Courtisane

Types of flour for the French Baguette

Besides being ideal for making a French baguette according to the original recipe, this kind of flour is perfect for making bread with open crumb with some beige shades and crispy crust:

  • L’Ami Crème

Pastry flour: Viennoiseries Françaises

This type of flour is inspired by the top French confectionery, and specially made for pastries. We recommend it for dough used for making puff pastry or brioche, laminated and butter doughs like croissant, flat creamy cakes, bread rolls or buns:

  • La Gruau

Flour types for Rustic and Special French bread recipes

We supply with a great range or French flour for original French kinds of bread. We recommend the following types:

  • La Maltée
  • La Multicéréales
  • Le Pain de Semoule