A wide range of flours and semolinas which adapt to the most demanding baking methods.

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Straight dough

We provide all kinds of flour for the direct dough method of making all varieties of bread products (French baguettes, loaves, etc.) or processes (dough rests in blocks, fermentation in drawers, proofing chambers, etc.).

Indirect Method

Flours used in production process which includes chambers for controlled fermentation, cold storage, and so on.

Par-Baked Bread

Flour for quality par-baked bread making, which behaves properly during the entire process.

Special Types of Bread

Flour and cereal products for plenty of different types of bread:  peasant bread (Catalonian or Balearic Islands’ pan payés), Galician ring-shaped bread roll (rosca gallega), traditional Aragonese bread (pan de cinta)… and many more!

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